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U-Pick Apples 2017!

The good news is that unlike last year we have alot of apples on the trees! Mother nature was more kind this year but not as kind as she could be. We all know how wet the spring and summer were. We also had 3 separate hail storms. As a result of the extreme weather, many apples have water marks and slight imperfections. But the taste is as good or better than ever! You will find the best apples that have been picked and sorted in our farm market. But if you would like to pick your own, our U-Pick apple orchards are open every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm weather permitting.

Varieties Available for Picking

* Empire

* Northern Spy

* Red Delicious

* Golden Delicious

* Jonagold

* Spygold

* Rome

We are celebrating our 44th year in business and are offering U-Pick apples of 20 pounds or more for a price of just $0.44 /lb. For less than 20 pounds, the price is $0.79 / lb.

Come to our farm market and take the free scenic tractor ride to our orchards. You are welcome to bring your own bags, buckets, or boxes. We will have large, strong picking bags available in the orchards for $1.50 each. After you pick you apples, return to the farm market to get them weighed... and be sure to check out the many other fall items including our farm winery! We accept cash, check, or credit cards...See you Soon!

The last wagon to the orchards departs at 4:30pm. The last wagon from the orchards departs at 5:00pm. We do not permit smoking anywhere on our farm or in our farm market. We do not permit pets of any kind on our farm or in our farm market.

Lone Maple Farm (607) 724-6877, e-mail info@lonemaplefarm.com.

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