Hydroponic Lettuce!

Farmer Mike lettuce is the freshest, highest quality lettuce for your dollar. The lettuce is grown hydroponically without soil - only water with nutrients for the plants growing needs.

Using the latest hydroponic growing techniques, Farmer Mike Lettuce is unique with three key benefits: 1) It is clean and easy to serve- no sand or dirt 2) It has the highest nutritional value (the lettuce is fed better than if it were grown in the ground) 3) No waste - it lasts up to 10 days in the refrigerator and is just as fresh and crisp as the day we pick it.

Below you will find more details and pictures of how the lettuce is grown.

Lettuce Seeds

Seeds are planted into special trays. The seeds germinate within 4 to 6 days.

Transplanting Into Tubes

The young seedlings are transplanted into hydroponic tubes after two weeks. The water is a closed circulation system with all the nutrients the plants need to grow.

Growing Stage

The seedlings continue to grow for about 4 weeks.

Ready for Harvest

When the lettuce is the proper size, it is ready for harvest. The plants are simply pulled out of the tubes with the roots on, washed, packaged in a plastic bag with a moist paper towel around the roots, and shipped.

Types of Lettuce

Farmer Mike grows 6 types of lettuce: Bibb, Green Leaf, Green Oak Leaf, Red Leaf, Romaine, and Crispino (head).


Bibb is a smooth, creamy dark green lettuce that adds a very nice texture to your salad

Green Leaf

Green Leaf is a crisp, sweet leaf lettuce that adds crunch and sweetness to your salad

Green Oak Leaf

Green Oak Leaf is a smooth, sweet light green leaf lettuce that adds color and a smooth texture to your salad.

Red Leaf

Red Leaf is a crisp, sweet lettuce that adds color to your salad.


Romaine is a crisp, strong flavored, dark green leaf lettuce that adds texture to your salad or sandwich.


Crispino is a crunchy, sweet, head lettuce that adds much more flavor to your salad than traditional iceberg lettuce. The heads are not as dense as cellophane wrapped iceberg...but is much higher in nutritional value.

Care and Use

When you bring your lettuce home, check to make sure the paper towel around the roots is moist. Keep the paper towel moist at all times. Keep the lettuce in the plastic bag but open the top so air can flow around the leaves. Put the lettuce into the refrigerator with the top of the bag open. When you are ready to use the lettuce, pinch off what you need. Wash and rinse the lettuce before serving. Make sure the paper towel and root zone of the plant is still moist...add a little plain tap water if needed. Put the rest of the lettuce back into the refrigerator. If you keep the roots moist and allow air to flow over the leaves, the lettuce will last up to 10 days or more and be just as fresh and crisp as the day we harvest it! Thanks for your support and ENJOY!!!

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